Regional Minister Search Update – Feb. 10

And…they’re off! Your regional minister search team is now in the process of an initial evaluation of our 16 candidates for the Kentucky Regional Minister position. It’s a very diverse group of people who each offer their own gifts and strengths. It’s also a VERY strong pool of candidates! Our screener has completed his work and was highly impressed with the caliber of candidates with whom we will be working. We’ll spend the next month on our evaluation process, which entails reviewing search and call papers and written statements from each candidate. We’ll use eight criteria to evaluate each candidate and then compare our notes to see which ones rise to the top for us. Our hope is by the second week in March we’ll have identified the candidates with whom we’d like to take the next step, which would be face-to-face (virtual) interviews. Please be in prayer for us as we continue this important work. We are excited that God has brought such amazing and competent candidates to us. The future for the Kentucky region looks very bright!


Your Regional Minister Search Team

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