Update on the Regional Minister search

Merry Christmas, everyone! As we approach this most holy time of year, we wanted to give you an update on the progress of a search for a regional minister. The deadline has passed for applicants to submit their letter of inquiry and we currently have 17 people who are interested in the position. That’s wonderful! It’s an impressive group of folks with many gifts and talents. It’s exciting to think that one of them will become our next regional minister.

The search team is in the process of finalizing the criteria by which we will do our initial evaluations. These criteria (e.g., pastoral presence, good communicator, willing to travel) will guide both the screener and us as we whittle down this group. In January, the screener will evaluate the candidates, and then the search team will do the same in February. Our goal is to have a small group of candidates for initial interviews during the month of March.

The screener’s purpose is an important one. His work will provide an important balance to the team as we do our initial evaluations. Basically, he will be ensuring that we are not showing any bias in our work either for or against a candidate based on demographics (race, sex, etc.) or on familiarity with the candidate. I’m so thankful the screener is built into the process.

We’ll keep you posted as we move ahead, but we’ll probably be quiet through January will the screener completes his mission. We are excited to begin conversations with our candidates as we seek our next leader for the Kentucky Region. Please pray that God continues to move through this process and guides us to the right person. We trust that the Holy Spirit is working both in our hearts and the hearts of our candidates. Thank you so much for your patience and support!

Merry Christmas

The Kentucky Regional Minister Search Team

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