On your marks, get set…search!

Hi, Kentucky Region! Sorry to be out of communication for so long, but we’ve been on hold while we waited for several actions to take place. At the Regional Assembly this past weekend, both the regional profile and the regional minister job description were accepted by the assembly. We are now ready to start the search process! Here is the timeline of how we propose to move forward:

  • Start publicizing position Nov. 1, receiving names through Dec. 15
  • An independent screener reviews names in January to ensure there is no bias on the search team’s part
  • Search Team reviews names in February and narrows the list down to a small number of candidates
  • Search team conducts initial interviews in March
  • Search team conduct face-to-face (if possible) interviews in April, making our recommendation to the Regional Board by April 30
  • Called Regional Assembly meeting in late May-early June to vote on candidate
  • Candidate introduced in June with a July/August start date

All of this is subject to change, but we feel this is a workable timeline that allows us to do our due diligence in finding the right person to lead our region. As always, your prayers and supported are much needed and appreciated! We’ll keep you posted on how the process is going.

Peace be with you,

Your Regional Minister Search Team

One thought on “On your marks, get set…search!

  1. Thank you for the update. I and the congregation of FCC-Danville will be in prayer for the discernment of this committee, as it seeks the right person to lead our region. Keep us posted!


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