Regional Minister Search Update – February 2020

Greetings, Kentucky Region! We’re sorry you haven’t heard from us for awhile, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on your behalf. We’ve made some great progress on a few behind-the-scenes tasks we have to undertake before we can start the proper search for the next regional minister. Specifically, we have to create a regional profile and a job description for the position. This is harder for us to do since our last several hires have been “in-house,” meaning no profile was needed.

If you remember, we distributed a region-wide survey asking for  your feedback on our region and the position of regional minister. Thanks for your responses! They will help us generate our regional profile. Here’s a short summary of what we hard you say:

1 – What, in your opinion, are the two or three most urgent priorities for the Region that the next Regional Minister should address?

Church membership and growth; financial sustainability amidst declining finances; keeping our camps vibrant and usable

2 – What are your additional hopes and dreams for the Region for the next five years?

That churches would be better connected to each other, that the camps would be brought up to date, that search and call would receive more attention, and that there would be some sort of evangelism training for congregations.

3 – What are the strengths and special gifts of this Region that can serve as building blocks as it addresses the urgent priorities and five-year hopes and dreams that you have named?

Strong congregations and ministers; deep DoC history; educational institutions; hard-working regional staff; vibrant camp program

4 – What realities of the Region can you name that could be obstacles to the Region as it sets its sights on the urgent priorities and five-year hopes and dreams that have been named?

Church aging and decline; financial realities; communication barriers; “fear” phobias that dominate our thinking

5 – What gifts, experience, and commitments do you believe that the next Regional Minister needs to possess in order to be effective in leading the Region toward health and vitality?

Person of God with authentic faith; innovative thinker; visionary leader; effective communicator; pastoral presence; willingness to travel

6 – What additional information would you like to share with the search team as it develops the Regional Profile and has conversations with candidates?

Churches want: the best candidate possible; new thinking and courageous leadership; visits from the Regional Minister; to honor the diversity of the region.

So, what’s next? We’ll use these answers to generate a Regional Profile, which will then go the Personnel Committee. That committee will use the profile to help update the job description for the position. Once those two documents are completed, they will go to the Regional Board, which will vote whether or not to recommend them to the Regional Assembly in October.

Our goal is to have a new Regional Minister in place in time to introduce her or him at the General Assembly in Louisville in July 2021. That means the search will begin in earnest in November with the publicizing of the position and the receiving of letters of inquiry from potential candidates. We’ll keep you posted throughout the process on how things are doing. Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Your Regional Minister Search Team

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